Midnight review English

Aimbot 10/10

The aimbot is just maked for Legit cheating i enjoyed the most is Aimbot cool features and easy to use And this is undetected on face it i am suprised

Visuals 9/10

The Visuals/Chams and chams was amazing to use cool features for streaming and midnight.im have stream proof features


So here is where midnight.im got a point i havent heard of cloud inventory changer granede helper and there is a cool safe mode witch is so good and If you got new pc or switch to new parts or reinstalled windows you can reset your hardware for 2 clicks and the support on midnight is just the best first i was cofused but after 15 days i started playing on prime accounts, face it The Midnight.im has so many cool features And you should go and see where midnight can get you.



how to you use it on stream, when i am using it in obs its showing black sreen, so how can we use it while live streaming.
The topic is not relevant, as there was no cheat on CS 2 as of August 1, 2023. Maybe the feature you're talking about hasn't been implemented yet. Now the developers of the cheat are simultaneously trying to add the previous functionality and bypass VAC protection. Bypassing the protection does not allow you to fully deal with the functionality of the cheat.