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I've been cheating in many games including CS:GO, for around 5 or 6 years now, and though I haven't had a lot of time to use midnight just yet I can assure any curious soon to be buyers that this cheat is some premium stuff. I'll break down each tab in the menu and try my best to explain my criticism as there is some gripes I have but not many. There will be a TLDR at the end

We can start with:

The UI (Release + Beta):

The UI in midnight is very clean, simple and meant to keep things easy to understand for new users making this an amazing cheat for baby's first paid premium software. Every tab has some features listed below to help give the idea of what can be found in each one with the layout being very nice.

Any change in cloud configuration or any notification needed to be sent to the user typically shows up bottom right of the game with a very clean and modern looking notification.

The UI all in all keeps things consistent and user friendly, my personal rating is:

Cloud Configuration:

The way midnight has set up its inventory changer, grenade spot saves, and movement record saves is something I have never seen done before personally. The cloud features work flawlessly with a little lag when adding lots of nade spots/movement mid game. The inventory changer being separate from configs is something I didn't think I'd find so enjoyable. Being able to config what skins I want and keep those without worry when switching configs is nice for consistency especially if you want to hit clips.

Cloud radar seems to be a little odd at times but it works about as well as any other cloud radar you could think of, no issues there.

Thanks to the simple way the cloud settings are set up and how fast + easy you can quickly change things around I'd have to give this one a:


Configing the aimbot of Midnight is incredibly simple with nothing being overly confusing even if this is the first cheat someone ever uses. Setting up a quick and easy Global section takes no time at all even for a beginner and the RCS settings are much more customizable in my opinion than most legit cheats on the market. I'm not a personal fan of displaying backtrack settings as "ticks" as I find ms much easier to understand and follow but that's a personal bias situation.

The resolver is what you would expect from a legit cheat, it is pretty good with 99% of legit AA but anything like NL jitter and you wont hit near anything.

Configing specific weapons is one of the only slight issues I have with Midnight, changing the settings of each gun is fine and takes no time at all, all the features are easy to understand and everything is laid out well. Switching weapons to config however, becomes incredibly tiring and tedious as there is no way to change to a specific weapon without having that weapon in your hand. this is something I am unsure if the beta has changes as I have only looked at the UI of the beta.

Another small issue I find with Midnights Aimbot is that when using a low smoothing (smooth: 1-2.3) for weapons like deagle, USP-S, glock, five-seven and so on, the snap will always go to the very center of the head in a very robotic looking manner. Lots of players like to turn their smoothing to low for pistols with a small FOV so that when they flick the gun will be on their head. To make this a little more useful they could add something like hit scanning to the cheat, that would allow the aimbot to lock on to anything that the game would consider a headshot.

Now enough about the negative, lets talk about how amazing Midnight feels for spray downs. Midnight allows you to config a separate FOV and smoothing rate for before firing your weapon and for when you are spraying, (FOV/Smoothing - Recoil FOV/Recoil Smoothing). This feature is single handedly one of my all time favorite things in the world currently as it allows for clean AK flicks into a nice smooth RCS spray down and truly add the the legit look.

The Aimbot settings of Midnight though they may look limited, are some of the most versatile settings I've ever used:


The triggerbot in my eyes is nothing special, it works about as well as any other premium cheat and the only issue I find is that the delay doesn't go high enough to match the deagle's shot accuracy reset speed. Apart from that minor gripe it a completely fine triggerbot and will hit anyone peaking a corner.

Visuals + Chams:

The visuals in this cheat are absolutely mind blowing to me! Lets start with the ESP. The ESP in midnight is very easy to customize with alot of the things it does you normally don't see in such a cheap cheat like being able to move elements in the ESP preview to where you would like them to be and Sound ESP rings that properly show through the wall (Something Iniuria V4 doesn't do for some reason). Everything is customizable to your hearts content and nothing is off limits, the icons are nice and in my personal opinion help you tell whats what faster than reading "Scoped" or "Bomb Carrier".

One of my favorite features is the ability to make the out of FOV arrows only show up when the enemy is making sound, this can really make you seem like a true gamer sound whore and helps SO much in clutch situations!

The chams are exactly as expected after the ESP, you can disable model occlusion and change colors of visible/non-visible (btw did you notice that they spelled occlusion wrong in the chams section) as well as easy to configure local/player chams. They also have a plethora of types of chams from flat/crystal/glow to animated wireframes in multiple settings!

But here is the best part, the real kicker, They have chams that work with OBS Bypass how wild is that! As long as you disable anti-aliasing the chams function just like they would without the obs-bypass and are overlayed over the game, some really cool techniques put in to make that one work I bet.

For the sheer customizability and the fact that this is one of the only cheats rendering chams as an overlay for OBS bypass it obviously gets a:


There's not much to say about radar, they have their own radar and they have engine radar. Personally due to engine radar always being a little more sketch I use their radar but because of how customizable their radar is, you can easily just move the overlay and resize it to be a perfect match to your radar in the top left as to not take up so much space.

All in all:


Player List:

The player list, much like most cheats isn't exactly needed. That being said, this is one of the playerlists I actually see a point in using as it shows some information I find useful for seeing if a player is super new or not (easier to tell if they are a cheater). The playerlist shows their name, money, rank, wins, and if they are being resolved. Super simple but I find being able to tell how many wins they have and what rank they are at the same time useful for finding out what accounts are new to CS:GO before going to faceit account lookup.

Not much to say about the player list so:



Your miscellaneous section is where you will find your movement, Legit AA and other small unneeded but enjoyable features such as hitsounds, Auto-accept, third person, knife bot and your view model settings.

Midnight's Airstrafe and Bhop work very well, their slowwalk has a customizable speed something that free cheat HvH users may be excited to see. Their movement recorder works near flawlessly and only ever has issues when the movement is a very long recording. It's very easy to add your own movement and even allows freelook while using it. The fact you get a movement recorder and grenade helper with a cheat this cheap makes this an amazing cheat right from the start.

I personally don't use legit AA but if you're using Midnight you wont be running into alot of cheaters so using legit AA will basically make your head unhittable.

Midnight has an "Anti SMAC" which is a community server anti-cheat widely used so go wild if you want to play on your favorite competitive community server!

The misc section has any extra stuff you would ever need and requires no real understanding to help you set up what you need for your config:



Very easy to understand and quick to setup, the configuration tab keeps things simple so you can quickly get through everything and save your new legit cfg. The only thing inside the configuration tab that differs from other cheats is the profile changer and the panic keys so lets go over those now.

First the profile changer, something I think I've only seen once before. This allows you to from the website, edit your rank, commends, wins, and level which DOES show up in lobby for other players but not in game. This can be useful if you want to troll or get into a higher/lower matchmaking without ranking up/de-ranking.

The panic keys are just as you'd think, you have one for removing all visuals to make your game look completely legit and one to panic all misc options to disable features such as quickstop and Bhop. The config tab also has an unload button incase you need to quickly uninject the cheat and play cleanly.

Thanks to some of the features we dont usually see. I'm giving this a nice:



For around $4-$6 USD depending on where you purchase you get one of the best legit cheats on the market for a full month! The cost of this cheat for its extensive feature list is absolutely amazing and this could in my eyes be values ad a much higher $8-$10 (Not recommending that though.)

Definitely an ez:



Midnight is an exceptional cheat for CS:GO with a clean and user-friendly UI. The cloud configuration feature works flawlessly, allowing easy customization of skins and quick changes. The aimbot is simple to configure and offers versatile settings, but could benefit from improvements in certain areas. The triggerbot is effective, and the visuals, including ESP and chams, are mind-blowing with extensive customization options. The radar is customizable and the player list provides useful information. Miscellaneous features such as movement recorder and grenade helper add to its value. The configuration tab is quick to set up, with unique features like profile changer and panic keys. Overall, Midnight receives top ratings across various categories, making it a premium choice for cheating in CS:GO.

My overall rating for Midnight CS:GO is:

Russian TLDR:

Midnight - исключительный чит для CS:GO с чистым и удобным пользовательским интерфейсом. Облачная конфигурация работает безупречно, позволяя легко настраивать скины и быстро вносить изменения. Аимбот прост в настройке и предлагает гибкие параметры, хотя в некоторых областях можно внести улучшения. Триггербот эффективен, а визуальные эффекты, включая ESP и шейдеры, поражают воображение своим обширным выбором настроек. Радар настраиваемый, а список игроков предоставляет полезную информацию. Различные функции, такие как запись движения и помощник гранат, добавляют ценности. Вкладка конфигурации быстро настраивается, с уникальными функциями, такими как смена профиля и кнопки паники. В целом, Midnight получает высшие оценки в различных категориях, делая его премиальным выбором для читерства в CS:GO.

Моя общая оценка для Midnight CS:GO: 10/10