AIMBOT 9/10 - I mean it does the job, has everything u would need in a legit cheat. And if u know what ur doing u can semi with this cheat but not recommended since its a legit cheat after all.

TRIGGERBOT 10/10 - Works as intended, don't use this feature but it works trust me.

VISUALS 9/10 - The visuals are good but I'm giving a 9/10 because every time in the beta version the ESP does not save at all meaning it just reverts everything to default colors and default layout.

CHAMS 10/10 - Works as intended, and the colors do save in the beta/stable version for CHAMS no idea why ESP does that tho.

RADAR 10/10 - The cloud radar is a neat feature if your playing with friends u can share the link with them and they will see both team sides on the radar giving them an advantage. The radar has 3 types which are CLOUD RADAR, DEFAULT RADAR and OVERLAY RADAR. I Personally don't use it since I play full legit chams on only visible.

MISC 10/10 - Has movement features such as, edgebug, jumpbug, fastwalk (does not work on mm) and the movement recorder. for the price the misc tab is unbeatable by any other cheat

CLOUD FEATURES 10/10 - The inventory is cloud based (web based) which means easy-to-use, u can even set up your inventory while not being injected what's better than that?
Cloud configs are a great way to share configs to other people, and for new people that buy the cheat they don't need to buy or make a config they can just get it from the forums for the low price of 0.00$

PRICE 10/10 - The price of the cheat is out of this world since it has no detection issues ( for me at least 3 months of using) no red trust factor, have an account where I just totally semi rage still unbanned and in green trust factor. I would recommend this cheat since its very cheap, and has allot of features that other cheat providers do not provide without community made content (AKA LUA).