English Midnight.Im CSGO Review (VERY HONEST)



I bought midnight 1 week ago. these are my impressions:

(Menu 8/10) If I'm going to be honest the menu could use a big update, A revamp could make it a little simpler to use. its not very organized that well but if you know your way around other menus it could be easy to get used too

(Aimbot 9 / 10) I would give it a 10 but configuring it was a little hard, It took some time but overall the features are fantastic and everything you need in a Legit cheat.
It could be improved by again making the menu a little revamped, maybe adding some drop downs here and there but otherwise they worked well.

(Visuals 8.5 / 10) There really isnt alot to do with visuals. Its got chams, ESP, Everything you basic that a cheat needs and that all works really well but there isnt alot to do with it. ESP works like any other cheat, really isnt anything special.

(Skins 100 / 10) Best Skin Changer/Inventory Changer ever created, midnight is the best most unique cheat with the cloud feature.

(Misc 9 / 10) There inst alot to say except all the stuff works and its pretty organized and nice.

(Overall: 9/10) This cheat is good, There is a lot of room for improvement over with the menu but other than that its pretty good, Most cheats will give you red trust or get you OW or VAC`d

But this cheat holds up there protections better than any other legit cheat on the market. If you play it well id say its a Main account safe cheat.
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