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My review

Here's my personal review of CS:GO Midnight, along with my experience in hacking for 2 years hope you will make an decision before you buy

Visuals 9.5/10
Some times the visuals bug in beta mode, but is beta so i understand that, on normal version is an solid 10 i didn't have problems my favorite visual settings are sound Esp like sound Esp best feature and just visible only feature because if you want to play legit you dont want to look trough walls and you dont want overwatch ban i think
but if you know how to be very legit with wall then have fun. :peepoPooPoo:
Aimbot 10/10
just the best for legit you don't need more :tehepelo:

Triggerbot 7/10
Meh sometime just bug and don't shoot on some guns but on awp is perfect but as i said on other guns don't shoot great:pepe:

Playerlist 10 /10
very good option very useful nothing to say more :poggers:

Micellaneous ∞/10
very very very god misc like you have soo many future that are incredible and so fun and useful like this cheat have some misc that other cheats don't for it price:love::blobDance:

Cloud Configuration ∞∞∞/10
cloud cfg wow wow wow nothing to say skins cloud wow wow wow incredible MOVEMENT CLOUD WOW WOW WOW THE BEST profile changer very good very nice option CLOUD RADAR HOLY SHIT grenade cloud very useful like very useful :PeepoJuice::catJam::bongoTap::bongoTap::bongoTap::bongoTap::bongoTap::bongoTap::bongoTap::bongoTap::bongoTap:

Midnight Admin if you liked my review plz give me 7 days sub more because im broke asf and i didn't got my salarie yet thx:da:

Go buy now and make Global GlHf with Midnight:RainbowPls::RainbowPls::RainbowPls::RainbowPls::RainbowPls::RainbowPls::RainbowPls::RainbowPls: