English CS:GO Midnight Review



My review

Here's my personal review of CS:GO Midnight, along with my experience using it and how it have worked out. I'll be discussing the different tabs in the cheat and it's quality.

Visuals 10/10
The visuals are really great with a lot of customization. There's everything from simple hitmarks which are very useful to bomb Esp with timer on screen when it will explode. The grenade trajectories are also very useful and have saved me a lot of times in both early and late games. I'm a big fan of the chams and like how customizable they are, not to forget there's a preview of how it will look in the actual game which is fantastic. The only thing I would improve would be the health bar which I'm not the biggest fan of. Doesn't look that great.

Aimbot 9/10
Solid tab with a lot of features. I like how legit you can configure it. You can easily play around with the settings and configure a legit aimbot which wont be sus at all which is a big plus. Good customization which allows for many different types of playstyles, you can go hard cheating mode or play legit without anyone noticing you have an Aimbot. Only thing I would improve would be the recoil part which feels a bit weird at times. Could just be me though idk .

Triggerbot 8/10
Works great overall but not a lot of customization like the other tabs. I like how you can customize each weapon, for example have a smaller hit chance on pistol and a bigger hit chance on awp.

Playerlist 8 /10
Does it's job, shows useful information but I don't really use it since the tab ingame shows most of what I want. Wish the playerlist tab could show a bit more information but not sure if that's even possible. If not this is still great.

Micellaneous 10/10
Perfect, couldn't wish for any other features. It already have everything from movement recorder which is super useful to different movement settings like slowwalk. Anti-smac great feature and very useful and much more to play around with. Works great and haven't seen any problems with it yet. Not to forget the hitsound option, I just like it a lot because I can hear if my aim is bad or not lol which it usually isn't because of our favorite friend, aimbot.

Cloud Configuration 10/10
Super useful, I have peace in mind because I know all my settings are stored safely so if I need to reinstall anything my settings will still be there. Never used skinchanger so cant say much about it, don't really understand it but doesn't matter. Super useful with the configurations so you can save and create new configs for different playstyles.


So to sumarize this is the best cheat for csgo I've ever used, it has everything I need and could ever ask for. For the price of $5 a month it's such a great deal that no one can resist. The value for money is really great. Hope it stays this way. Before I end this review I just have to say that the UI is really great, the fact it's clickable is fantastic .

Thanks for reading, go buy :)