English CS:GO Review



This is my completly biased and personal opinion about the CS:GO-Cheat by Midnight.

First of all lets talk about the first thing that meets the eye. the price.
It costs not much. its actually really cheap. can it even be good?

surprisingly, yes. its really good, i havnt been using it for long but im already in love with it. It has a lot of features, but most of them are easy to understand if you are new to cheating, and you can always find some configs to try out. This is a great cheat for people who are new to cheating.
The aimbot features are alright and works well.
Havnt really tested the triggerbot, but it seems fine aswell. not the best of the best, but again, you are cheating for like 5$ or something.
The Visuals - perfect. 10/10. I would buy the cheat again, even if i dont care about "cheat"-section, just because how great you can make your game look like. inventory changer? check. great chams options? check.
Misc Options: some novelity options, nothing too crazy, but i never want to play again without some of them, like auto accept.

I completely recommend this cheat!