English My opinion about this cheat [ENG]



The best 'Aimbot' I have ever seen on a cheat, even on the pre-made/default config. If you know how to do some settings, it'll look normal. You wouldn't even be called a cheater.
It is a good 'Triggerbot'. It's not missing that much but sometimes I have to shoot. I didn't use it in a match, just tested it on a server with bots, it's pretty good.
The wallhack is very good, you can set everything you can think about. You can see his HP, armor, gun, and box, but the 'Chams' are my favorite.
Also, you have planted bomb information, grenade trajectory, and grenade helper, which helps very much, especially when you are high-ranked and don't know smokes, molotovs, etc.

The 'Misc' section is the best thing in this cheat. Not many cheats have settings like these, maybe none. You have movement recorder and different movement features, like bunnyhop, edge-jump and jumpbug, which are very useful in the middle of a game, especially when you don't have good movement.
I don't really understand why the 'Inventory Changer' is Cloud, but the good thing is it updates instantly. The 'Profile Changer' feature is good for trolling your friends that you have Global Elite or many wins. You can add commends too if you want to boost your trust factor.

For 4$ a month, it is the best cheat I've ever played with. I played with many 15$-20$ cheats, but they weren't as good as Midnight.

Thanks for reading my opinion, have a good day! :)