English my 40+ days review (cs:go)



hi, i bought this cheat a while ago and i wanted to give a honest feedback about this cheat.

Aimbot : 10/10
i have no complaints about the aimbot. it works flawlessy without any issues. i am honestly suprised that it costs 5$

Visuals : 10/10
the visuals are clean and pretty good looking with right settings, nothing to worry about. i really love the esp preview, because it makes configing much easier.

Misc : 10/10
i mean, theres nothing really to talk about, it has everything you need from obs bypass to many movement features you can say.

Cloud : 8/10
now, this is my biggest problem on this cheat. yes, the cloud is really cool and all, but setting skins here is slow and kind of a pain.
last but not least grenade helper. yes, it works very well too, but it would be much easier to have grenade packs and not downloading every grenade one by one.

Overall, i'd say that this is the best legit cheat for 5$. it has everything you need and does it great.
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