English CSGO Review From Radiant Valorant Player



Hey there, this is my honest review for Midnight coming from a high elo Valorant player (Legit).

I've been a part of the csgo cheating community since 2012 and a legit faceit level 10 player since 2018. So my review for the cheat will be based on minimal aim / visuals and high security.

Price: Very Affordable
[+] A month is as cheap as a taco in my country so that's that.

Features: Very customizable, user friendly, intuitive UI
[+] Yep not many cheats for CSGO especially this cheap can provide such a quality UI for their users.
[+] Cloud radar is a must if you have legit friends who don't want to cheat and risk getting banned.
[+] Cloud config is a GG (very well planned tbh)

Security: So far so good, been using it for a week or so, no problems via trust / VAC
[+] Even though I use legit config without glow and very high smooth low FOV aimbot, ive never been called out.
[+] No Red Trust as well, no VAC bans as of now, but given the fact it's a public cheap cheat, it might get anyday, so use it on the accounts you don't care to lose.

[+] I would absolutely recommend anyone who want to cheat to try out Midnight as they have the best algorithms and logic for each settings.
[+] Uniqueness is their strong suit.

I went from a fresh prime account (Silver) to DMG within a week via legit settings with 0 callouts. Everyone who spectates me straight up thinks im smurfing and asks for my real rank.

Thanks to Team Midnight for such an amazing cheat!