• Hello everyone! Some may knew me some others don't, i have been in the cheating scheme for over 2 years, and something i appreciate to do is test the cheats that the community talks about. Usually i use them for two weeks and then move in the next one, even tho i always had one specific to use on the main account. Well the one i used to use on my main account sadly closed last month, it was made by a brazilian guy that would just sell to a specific amount of players.​

So.. i went to search for a new one, a good one and well.. Midnight showed up, after using it for almost a month i will give you my opinion about it.

PRICE : 10/10
WHY: Pretty simple to know why isn't it? search for paid cheats in the market and you will notice that 85% are overpriced and floaded with fake reviews that make us doubt how good they are for their price.

WHY: Amazing, the skinchanger is amazing even tho i am not much into skins something peculiar that got my attention was how easy is to send the config to someone else.

MISC: 8/10
WHY: There is many options overthere, many of them that you don't see in many cheats, the profile changers does a great work too, also everything is pretty simple and easy to config.

AIMBOT: 8/10
WHY: You need to config every each gun, that's the only "less" good thing but in a long time term it give you better results because everyone weapon was adapted to seem legit (if thats your objetive) besides that the controls and everything are amazing, with only trigger bot i managed to get supreme on a brand new account.

WHY: Easy to config to make you legit, even tho is not something i am up to use all the time is worth the try, cool to do some one taps ;)

VISUALS: 10/10
WHY: How the f#ck did this? after testing more than 20 cheats there are only few others with this amount of settings, probably one of the best visuals you can find in the market, easy to config and make it to your own taste.

WHY: Well, after using it for a week in a secondary account i started using it on my main that got red trust factor by previous cheat that i had ( they closed services outdated things and well, red trust factor got me), 2 weeks later my red trust factor is gone, so in conclusion the cheat is red trust factor safe, this surprised me, because with the amount of features the chance of getting red trust factor could be giant but nope, safe and having fun.

FINAL OPION: I would change the way the recoil values are showed, probably making something simpler to them, also i think would be good to have some pre-configs for example:
  • Config1 Legit
  • Config2 Rage
  • Config3 Visuals only
But this is not something major or even important at all, if you want to play legit, get into a high rank and want your account to be safe without having to spend money on a overpriced cheat, this is the right one, probably the best at the market at the moment too.
Thanks for the creators for doing it and for their job into this, impressive, also thanks for not flood your forum or website with fake reviews like many others do.