English Complete Midnight CS:GO Review



After using Midnight for almost a month here are my thoughts and suggestions for the cheat:

UI - 7/10
The menu is good enough and does its purpose. In my opinion, it doesn't look the best but its pretty self explanitory and easy to use.

Aimbot / Triggerbot - 9/10
The aimbot has tons of customization and feels really great, it took me a while to find the right settings for me but once i got them fine tuned it felt amazing. The triggerbot works well and i have no real problems with it either.

Visuals - 8/10
I dont use many visuals but when i did they were very good. I love the chams, only suggestion would be to add skeleton esp.

Other features - 10/10
I love the variety of features, skinchanger works great, anti smac is an amazing addition, and grenade/movement recorder were very useful.

Security and protection - 11/10
For a 5$ cheat the security is almost as good as cheats much more expensive such as inuria, i had no issues with vac or red trust factor.

Overall rating - 9/10
Definitley worth it for the price, i appreciate the effort from the staff to make a russian cheat accessible, everything is very solid.

B-Hop % randomizer, inventory change in-game, more chams options, kill sound instead of just hitsound, and being able to select multiple hitboxes for aimbot.