English My experience with midnight



I buyed cheat 1 month ago

1 - I used fresh account Sometimes i play semi-rage but my trust factor still green

2- 114 win supreme 250 hours with cheat dont get banned

3- I used diffrent cheats $20 subs but this cheat cheaper and hq than other cheats

4- I recommended my friends (3) and they liked tho , No bans .

5- Panic mode very useful cause sometimes community server admins try to check ur pc

6- If u really dont be banned use SMAC and play calm :).

7- Dont play with strangers (lobby) cause %80 players using cheat if get banned u will get red trust factor .

8- About price , price is very cheap I buyed resellers but still cheap cheat is worth this price

9- About Support I opened 2 ticket , get answered in 10 minutes good .

10- Totally I recommend this cheat cheap and legit .

I drop here my legit config I found this config in forum changed little bit ( Like I said I dont use aimbot )

CFG : https://midnight.im/cloud/config/share?key=BcjzA2wlKoXm0gXo

Good Features

- Movement Recorder
- Nade Recorder
- Cloud saves (inventory bombs ..)
- Visuals

I actually never used legit aimbot or Triggerbot but its ok I think

Features I don't like

- I can't change my skins while in game
- Sometimes when I connecting the game crashes idk

- Share Inventory :) thanks.