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So this is what i think about this cheat after using it for about 2/3 months. Spend alot of time to make perfect configs and try to use this cheat as much as i can.

Aimbot – 9/10

This tab is pretty good made and theres nothing to complain about, it’s just very good. This one has features that u need to play legit and never be called a cheater. Many things u can set up and change as u want, seems pretty natural if u can do good settings. Sometimes i feel like recoil control isn't perfect but most cheats has this problem.

Triggerbot – 7/10

I don’t use triggerbot at all, but i tried it for review. It works, not missing that much but sometimes happens even with good config, anyway u can configure it in many ways. The only thing im missing there is backtrack triggerbot.

Visuals – 9/10

Visuals tab is all what u need, u have everything u could think about and even a little bit more, u can set them up in many ways, planted bomb informator, grenades trajectory or warnings are very useful during game to dodge them or to throw them in good way. Wall color or fog controller are very good options if you like alot of things on your screen or just want to theme it by colors.

Misc - 10/10

I can tell this cheat has a lot of stuff cheats dont have. Movement recorder, movement features like jumpbug or even granade helper are very helpful midgame and showing everyone in lobby u know what youre doing. Profile changer is also useful feature if u want to find high elo random lobby while youre on low rank account. Legit antiaim is useful too, same as knifebot, aspect ratio which one i always use or even viewmodel/fov changer. Also u have Anti SMAC, so u can play on community servers with server-sided anticheat.

Cloud Configuration - 10/10

I dont really get why theres a skinchanger in cloud config but except this i pretty much love idea of it. If youre changing pc or reinstalling windows u have everything here without any stress. Idea of shared radar or changing configs on site is quite intresting, also sharing ur config to someone is very simple and fast, if u need one u can get mine there: https://midnight.im/threads/3746/

Price to cheat - 10/10

Cheat is very good for this price, ive used most cheats in price 4-10$ and this one is best for legit cheating. A lot of featuers u need, u might use or u dont need, but they are here so why not to use them. Very smooth and responsive aimbot with good looking visuals and needed or helpful things. I didnt get banned from OW/VAC in those 2/3 months of using this cheat. Ive invited 3 people here and gifted sub for one of them( @Klepsydra2905 @Biniak @Aladin19 ) and theyre happy aswell. Now my subscription is ending (thanks to our lovely Admin i can gave u guys this review and use cheat for a little bit more, thanks for extending my sub!) but in future i would love to do some media on my youtube channel with this cheat!

Have a nice day/night and stay Midnight! =D
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