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UI: 5/10

The menu was truthfully a bit hard to use. Many things seem out of place and it's sometimes hard to find what you're looking for. Some things are even in the wrong sections though that might just be me. The menu itself looks quite nice and clean. I'd love it if you could view your midnight profile from within the menu itself. More menu customization and tooltips also wouldn't hurt that's for sure.

AIMBOT: 8/10

The aimbot is very customizable and anyone can find the settings that they are looking for. It is suitable for legit to semi-ragers. The only thing I would really say was a handful is its stickiness, no matter what I did it just was way too sticky, one way to improve this is by making the aimbot acceleration humanized, I'm sure you all can figure something out. Overall very good aimbot.


The visuals are great nothing special and nothing below average. You can customize the location of every visual and it feels great to use, most visuals will also have the option of "Text" and "Icon" which is great. Night mode is quite hidden under "Wall color" It's quite weird that there's no "Night mode" option by itself but that's okay. They don't feel too cluttered and just feel clean to use.

MISC: 9/10

Has a lot of unique features that you just don't get from other cheats for this price. Way above average. The movement recorder works very well, never plays the recording wrong but sometimes will get stuck on the starting point for whatever reason, shifting and unshifting fixes this issue so it doesn't bother me. The grenade helper is amazing as well, it took me some time to find out that you have to go to "User CP" and there u can download stuff but that is actually very convenient. The reason I'm giving a 9/10 and not a 10 is that the features "Edge bug" and "Jump bug" are quite a handful to configure right but otherwise really great!

Last note

I want to thank the development team for this cheat. It is way above average and I love the work you're doing, Your cheat is public, cheap, and still way better than most other cheats. Could definitely compete with a lot of other p2cs.

Thanks for reading!