English My brutally honest GTA V midnight review



I have had Midnight for GTA V for somewhat a while now and It indeed does great stuff but here you can have my review about it.
UI - 10/10
I feel like the UI on this mod menu is just the best one on the scene around here, clean, put in order like it should be, perfect.

Trolling features - 8/10
The trolling features vary from kicking someone out of the car from straight up to an infinite loading, which is indeed very fun to use I get bored from scrolling thru the trolling features since there are a lot.

Teleport - 7/10
In my opinion the teleporting has room for improvement since some stuff doesn't seem to work on it, usually for casual teleporting it works well (ex: teleporting to places or to players) it lacks locations but there is also cloud teleport.

Self features, spawning cars, weapons etc - 10/10
Those features are clearly unlimited to my extent, I feel like I can't even go through the whole thing it all works well, I have had no problems with it, cars are going brrrrr, weapons are going brrrrrr, self features like changing your appearance, using godmode, it has all the basic features and some "unique" ones as well.

Visuals - 7/10

Simplistic but good visuals, they do work well and fairly "umph".

Aimbot - 7/10
The aimbot does it job but lacks features if you just want a simple aimbot to destroy players or NPCS you should consider using it, but for advanced stuff it doesn't do the job that well.

Security and protection - 10/10

To be honest this mod menu or cheat whatever you like to call it, is most likely the best on the market right now that you can get, if someone tries to kick you or crash you, you have the feature to get a notification and the protection is endless.

Recovery features - 5/10

Sorry but, the recovery features lack a lot, by that I mean for example if you want money usually you'd have the feature to rig the casino slots stuff, yeah we don't have that here, for money it's bold for RP tho it does it's job great.

Peformance - 10/10

I have had no performance issues in terms of FPS I don't really seem to get any performance issues with this mod menu it's very well optimized and clearly one of the best optimization out there.

Overall rating - 8.6/10

The mod menu does it job like it should, it's cheap and great there's no other mod menu this cheap and this good, but indeed it does lack some features.

Small QNA:

Q: Should I buy it if I am new or want a cheap mod menu?
A: Yes, you should one of the greatest mod menus out there.

Q: Since this mod menu is fairly new should I wait for more updates?
A: Yes and no, if you really want only recovery features, then yes if and just for regular cheating it's great and cheap (great option).

Thanks for reading my review hope you have a great day.