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So i recently bought the Midnight GTA V Menu and I will try to give a honest rating in every category of the menu but i have to say im overall really satisfied with it. Also for context, i might overestimate this a bit. The menu ive used before this was a free external one so this is really premium for me. Also note that i wont be focusing on all categories of the Menu.

Menu/UI 9/10
The Menu/UI overall is one of the best if not the best menu of a GTA cheat ive ever seen. It is clean and Simple to use. The design is great and everything is sorted right. I would give a 10/10 but there are a few bugs especially with some sliders but overall really great!

Lobby/Player features 9/10
With this i mean the Kindness, griefing and other features like that. First of all It has a ton of features for Kindness and griefing. All of them work just as perfect as expected and they are really useful. If theres a griefer in the Lobby, i can just kick him or send him to Storymode and as of yet it worked flawless everytime. I havent really tried things like giving Money etc. but im 100% sure those work fine too. Things like the Namespoofer or the IP Spoofer also work even tho they arent 100% perfect.

Weapon/Vehicle features 8/10
In this i will include all Vehicle and weapon features and the Aimbot. First the Vehicle features are really great. There are tons of them and you can customize/Tune your car on the go without going to LSC. The only things im missing are more features for Handling like Gravity or Mass for example. I mean those features do exist but i cant use them for some reason. The vehicle spawner is one of the best ive seen so far, It is simple and you can easily find the vehicle you search for, Overall 9/10. The weapon Features all work great and i cant say anything bad about them, the only thing i would like to see for the weapons is a Damage multiplier but other than that really great, Overall 9.5/10. The aimbot also works fine. Its not perfect and is often a bit buggy but it does work, Overall 6/10.

Teleport/Recovery features 8/10
Here i will Talk about the Teleport and Recovery features together becouse i dont really have much to say about them so i can put them together.
For the Teleport features, the teleport is fast and easy. You can create own points. I havent had one problem with it and it works perfect just as expected, Overall 10/10.

For the recovery features, i havent really used them but they seem to work fine. One thing i would really like to see in the recovery tab is that you can manipulate the Casino slots to win every time. In my opinion that method is way more secure than dropping money and you can also earn a lot more in a short period of time, Overall 7/10.

Visuals/Misc features 10/10
First the Visuals are really just what you expect. They consist of a simple ESP for Health, Name, Weapon and other stuff. The ESP works great, is simple and i havent had one problem with it, Overall 10/10. For the Misc features, they all work fine and there is some really Fun stuff in it. I havent used much from the misc section but what ive used worked great and there were 0 problems, Overall 10/10.

Security/Protections 10/10
I cant say much about this stuff but from what ive used it has really great protection agains stuff like getting kicked by other menus and stuff like that. you can set that it warns you when a player tried to kick you for example and you can see who it was etc. Overall 10/10. The security of the menu itself is fine from what ive been experiencing so far. I havent got banned as of yet and i hope it wont happen. But im pretty sure that it is undetected and you wont get banned from it especially becouse there are often updates to security etc. Overall 10/10.

My Overall rating 9/10
My overall rating is 9/10. The menu is as i said one of the best ive seen so far and pretty much everything works as fine as can be expected. The Price is also pretty low for the Amount of features you are getting. The Protection is really good from what ive experienced so far and ive had 0 crashes with it so far. It also doesnt Impact your FPS and its really fine. The injection is also really easy and fast.

If youve read this far thank you for reading this review and i hope you have a great day.
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