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how long do you use midnight ?

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I have been playing in CS for a long time already . Before I started using cheats, I tried to reach the top with my own strength, but at the one moment, I met the person who wrote software for different programs , and he let me try out his cheats. After a couple weeks of play , i felt that i like it:thinking: . But, the moment came when the freebie ended:biblethump: .At that moment, I decided to start searching for other cheats:notlikethis:. And, I stumbled upon midnight. he was beautiful:kreygasm:, in his functionality he had: spinbot , Anti-Aim , silent-aimbot , aimbot , boxs , skin , chat spam , and much more . I decided to play with him :blessrng: . And so I play with midnight to this day .
He has undergone many changes and has become the way you see him now :illuminati: .

:kappapride:Just want to say, return the spam feature to the chat or the function to send a chat message during the murder
The end . :frankerz: