English Literally the best public cheat i ever tried :)



I bought this cheat cause i wanted a very good legit cheat , and a friend of mine told me about this cheat and gave me his ref code, i bought it for a month, and , im literally suprised, and im gonna cathegorize every part of the cheat

Legitbot: 9.5/10
i was suprised of this cheat, literally u can make a config that will never get u banned , and the aimbot is not that jumpy, let's say, it's really smooth and very good, triggerbot could be improved a lot, but it s still decent, and u can replace it with Autofire. Still , very good shit and i really love the legitbot. I made a legit cfg and a semi rage config , and i m literally destroying almost every mm spinbotter, so it is possible to even rage against spinners and still win , i have some raw videos that has to be edited im gonna post them later.

It has some beautyful and customizable visuals, and they are not fucked like other cheats use to have(Onetap, Aimware...) and it has really nice colors, i love them and that's why im giving 10/10

It has anything u need, from slowwalk to edge jump, to movement helper and grenade helper, but the reason im giving it 8/10 cause rarely sometimes bhop and a lot of features stop working for no reason , even aimbot, but if u reinject it workes again.

My general rating to the cheat is 9.2/10 and i really love the cheat!
I want to tell you that if ur legit aimbot works so well, i would love to see some rage features like some rage aim and rage antiaim. I think that if u make one, could be better than Onetap or Aimware for sure! Love to yall!